The assignment is about making a real investment plan which can be used by a real investor (in Saudi Arabia). (the required work only stage 4)


This assignment is a group work of four members, and I want only to do my part here in study pool.

The points are not related to each other.

The assignment is about making a real investment plan which can be used by a real investor (in Saudi Arabia)

The investment plan should reflect the investor’s the real-life preferences and incorporate four main aspect:

1. Writing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS):detailing the investor’s current position and investment goals, philosophy, selection criteria, etc.

2. Considering Personal taxes: Any tax laws effecting the portfolio and the investor’s personal returns should be taken into account.

3. Investing over the Life cycle: Including studying the effects of the investor’s life cycle on their goals, orientation, and strategies.

*4. Investing over the Business cycle: To include any business cycle or economic indicators expected to effect the investor’s portfolio and influence their investment decisions.

My work is number (four only), and our investor is investing in this industry (real estate in buildings)

in business cycle and economic indicators you can choose any of these factors and not include all of them, just the related ones to the industry. such: recession, boom, depression, GDP, interest rate, inflation, CPI, exchange rate.

Also, write how these factors could effect the investor decisions. And you are free to create scenarios as examples.

– One full page is enough (500 words)

I will upload the slides and pics as a source to know more information about business cycle stage.

you will find it in chapter one

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