The Bible and monotheism, History assignment 2

of the following are examples of Mesopotamian culture?

Bible and monotheism

Hammurabi Law Code, and Ziggurat of Ur

of Agamemnon and the Iliad

Gate and Nebuchadnezzar

2. what is the culture monotheism first emerged?

3.”What is the West?” discusses the evolving ideas of western civilization and the questions one should ask when studying it. Reflect on these ideas and how one should analyze the materials of the course. 200 words.

4. compare  the diplomatic methods employed by emperors in the International Bronze Age to the tactics of modern states. Do they have any commonalities? 200 words

5. Which Greek period has best weathered the dangers of time, and what are some lessons that can be taken from these relics? 100 words

6.What role did each of the following play in the life of athens :male citizens, women and slaves?120 words

7.Who were the major philosophers of the Hellenistic period? How did the Hellenistic philosophers differ from the philosophers of Classical Greece?120 words

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