The Interview


The idea of dissecting one’s life into various systems is not something that is thought of every day. When clients present with maladaptive behaviors, an understanding of their ecosystem can help the Human Services professional recognize the origin and purpose of the behavior. This recognition can help lead to behavioral change for the client.

The assignment this week has two parts:

  • Interview someone regarding their ecosystems and the interactions they have had within these systems. Ask about individual dynamics such as health or age, close personal relationships including family and friends, networks between their relationships such as their work or social groups, and their community. Submit your question list in a Word document to this drop box for review.
  • Once the interview is completed, you will write a reflective analysis of their findings in a 2-3 page paper. The paper should include conclusions based on the interviewee’s patterns of behavior and give possible suggestions of ways to make behavioral changes. Make sure to maintain the anonymity of the person interviewed. The paper will be submitted in Module 05.

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