The project involves writing a report between 7-10 pages (other than the title page) and participating in an Exhibition. The purpose is to demonstrate creative thinking, reasoning, and innovation. You are expected to select a relevant Information System

Important info :

I have included the subject that I want you to write about. Moreover, the proposal too. it’s uploaded in a file, also the file for the requirements.

Also group names too. I hope you make it in Word, as it says.


In the project report, you are expected to discuss: –

1) Background and problem area/domain

2) Trends and market-place analysis – explain and reason the purpose, market force, cause and effect in particular discussing the presence and impact of the digital business system within Saudi Arabian industries

3) The theoretical framework including hardware and software technologies

4) A comparative analysis between commercially available solutions

5) The management infrastructure including challenges and risks

6) Revenue Models

7) Conclusion


Project Report Structure:

  • Title Page/Front Cover: Includes the course name, instructors name, topic title, group members name, group leader specified, student IDs, and section number.
  • Abstract: The report must have an abstract – approx. 150 words.This is a summary of the key findings documented in the report.
  • Main body of the report
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • References


Formatting details:

  • Font sizes:
    • Main Headings: 14, Bold
    • Sub-Headings: 12, Bold
    • Normal text: 12
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Paragraphs: The spacing between paragraphs must be at least 6 points.

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