The Theory of Maternal Role Attainment has been shown to be useful…

Question The Theory of Maternal Role Attainment has been shown to be useful… The Theory of Maternal Role Attainment has been shown to be useful in both research and practice for nurses, as well as other disciplines concerned with parenting. Mercer’s continued devotion to improving the usefulness and clarity of her theory and model is evident and has served well those who use her theory. Mercer’s use of both her own research and the research of others strengthens her work. Her proposal to adopt the Theory of Becoming a Mother is based solidly on the research process. Motherhood and attainment of the parenting role is a very complex, multilevel process. Mercer’s theory and her work make this process logical and understandable and provide a solid foundation for practice, education, and research. CASE STUDY Susan, a 19-year-old woman, delivered her first infant prematurely 5 days ago. Although her postpartum course has been relatively uneventful, the infant has had difficulty and must remain hospitalized. Susan and her young husband visit the nursery every afternoon to be with the baby, but they ask very few questions. In talking with the couple, the nurse learns that the only living grandparents of the baby live a great distance away. Susan will not have any family or friends to turn to when she takes the baby home. In this high-risk perinatal case, Mercer’s framework should be useful for nursing assessment and intervention to facilitate maternal role attainment. How would you use it as a guide in planning care for Susan? CRITICAL THINKING ACTIVITIES 1. Consider the current health care environment. Does the model proposed by Mercer adequately address current changes in health care delivery and the impact on the family? What changes in Mercer’s model, if any, do you see that need to be addressed? Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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