the writing assignment

The topic : Imagine an adventurous trip taken to a foreign country
for the first time by a student called Alice, who has never been far
from home before. Tell the details of what she did, what happened to
her, and how she felt about the events.

Whichever topic you choose, include in your story as many of the following words as you can:

information – advice – trip – transportation – money – suitcase –
dictionary – scenery -clothes – water – hair – fun – every – many – much
– a great deal of – a little – luggage

Do the writing assignment on p.88 and submit as a Microsoft Word document.


  • choose either topic offered
  • write at least ten sentences on the topic you choose
  • use at least one instance of passive voice and italicize it
  • use at least two modal verbs and put them in bold
  • use at least two words from each column on p. 88 and underline them

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