This a Reflection Paper DUE JAN. 20, 2019

Reflection Paper 1 – Due Jan. 20, 2019

Assignment Instructions Paper 1 – Mintzberg Managerial Roles

Good management… or bad….

In this paper, you will reflect on the 10 Mintzberg Managerial Roles as embodied in a real manager from your own experience.

Review our class discussion of the 10 Mintzberg Managerial Roles. The class content is based on the detailed information available at ToolHero, an open source management theory knowledge base (they even provide a good APA citation for each page).


Reflect on a group experience you have had. It might be a paid job, volunteer position, sports team, musical or theater group, church group. Any experience will work, as long as the experience lasted at least a couple months (not just one event) and there was a clearly defined manager.

Analyze your manager’s job performance on all of the 10 Mintzberg Managerial Roles.

 Which roles did your manager do well?  Which roles was your manager not quite so good at?  How did their success or failure in a particular role contribute to your group’s performance?

Recommend how you would perform one of your manager’s less successful roles if you were in the same situation.

 Which role did you choose, and why?  How would you do better?  What impact do you believe your recommended approach would have?

In writing your case study, you should aim for a level of detail between 600 and 1,200 words.

Prepare your document according to the guidelines in the How do I do that? module under Course Resources, and submit through the assignment link on the next page of this Blackboard course site.

How Do I, Do That… I’m Guessing it’s how to read a Text-Book.

Use the SQR3 method of reading to be an active and effective reader
The passive reader learns little. The aggressive reader organizes information and answers questions.
S Q R 3
Survey – Question – Read – Recite – Review
Survey the chapter.
• Read the introduction to the chapter. • Look over the major section headings. Glance at the figures. • Skim questions, key words and summaries at the end of the chapter. • Create a context for remembering information. • Generate interest and a sense of what is important. • Plan your study session. Set a time limit for working. include breaks and rewards
Question. Create and answer questions.
For each section in the chapter, ask these 4 basic questions: • What is the main point? • What evidence supports the main point? • What are the applications or examples? • How is this related to the rest of the chapter, the book, the world, to me?
Read the section.
• Skim or read the section actively. Search for the answers to your questions. • Make notes in the margins [or in a notebook or Word file] to create your own organization (see below).
Recite the main points.
• Look up from the book and verbalize the answers to your questions. • Talk out loud and listen to the answers. Recite to remember.
• Now go back and highlight or underline the main points in the section [or in your notebook or Word file]. • Add more notes in the text and margin [or in your notebook or Word file].
Repeat SQR3 for each section; mini-survey, question, read, recite and review.
When finished, create a one-page hierarchical summary of the entire chapter. Now do any homework assignments. Use your summary first, then the text [and your notebook or Word file]
Review often and reward yourself for a job well done.
How to mark the book: Do not highlight or underline main points while you read. Most students make too many marks. Wait until you’ve finished a paragraph or section, then mark. Mark the text and the margin to outline the structure of the book. For each main point, indicate evidence, examples, steps, proofs, connections to other points, definitions and your own thoughts. The book holds the information. Your marks create organization. Mark to simplify review.
From How to Be a Successful Student, Donald Martin, c 1988.

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