This is a You Project.

Use this link to be clear about the all of 8 Erickson’s stages of development and take yourself through all the stages in different age and situation.… This is a “You Project” so focus on yourself throughout the paper. Key points of all the stages should be mentioned relating to YOU.Be thorough to explain and connect the crisis and virtue as mentioned in the website given above. Everything should be related and connected to you and should not write about others viewpoint and opinion. The opinion should be only yours. There is given the age bar in all the stages in the website so make sure you include yourself in all those ages of all the stages. Be very thorough to explain your priority and thinking within the change in age.

This is the final paper of the semester and holds up to 200 points maximum so do not let yourself loose the points. As far as you include all the necessary key points you must take yourself along all the stages of Erickson and should not miss even a single stage to explain. If you provide /include good points in the paper then you will be provided a good points to pass the entire semester. The paper should be titled as ” YOU PROJECT” and should be at least 6 page long. The paper should be typed in MS-Word, should be in MLA format along with double space and 12 size Times New Roman font. Just do not write about the theory relating the all 8 Erickson’s psychological stages of development. Write in general about YOU because this is a YOU PROJECT after all.

This is the Psychology final paper so the choice of words and the key points should be very serious. You need to go through your ages and the developmental personality and attitudes throughout the various ages.

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