Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities of mobile devices

You are requested to write review, survey or state-of-art article within the domain of this topic “Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities of mobile devices”. Your article has to give an overview of existing literature in a field, often identifying specific problems or issues and analyzing information from available published work on the topic with a balanced perspective. Review articles can be of four types, broadly speaking opinion, literature reviews, systematic reviews, comparison or fields analyses.


1.The template of the article can be found in

2.Your article 7 pages inclusive references.

3.At least, 10 of your references must to be from journal articles published in well publishers’ databases; IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley and Taylor & Francis.

4. Citation is important

5. using referances from journals mentioned in point 3 is important

6. presentation to summaries the paper is important and mandatory

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