To Dr. Clover (Unit 3 Week 2 First Response Needed)


The nine components of a mission statement are 

customers, products and or services, markets, technology, growth profitability survival, philosophy, self concept, concern for image, and concern for employees

You should included as many of the components as possible as it will give a clear understanding to the person who is reading the mission statement what your company is about and how they plan to be a success and helps to give the vision of what the company stands for when it comes to employees and the community. 

You want to have a SWOT Analysis because it helps  to improve the company by identifying the risks within the company. This analysis helps to get rid of or at least lesson the risk by making sure there are resources to 

We look at the TOWS as an extension of the SWOT. The SWOT is more with in the company when we look at TOWS this is used to look at the external threats to a company and then reviews those and does a comparison with the strengths and weaknesses.  

At the company I work for we look at risks or weaknesses as areas of opportunity for improvement. For example a TOWS would be used in a company for example like TOYS R US that just went out of business if they would have used the TOWS they may have found some of the threats and opportunities that was affecting sales and the business as a whole and may have been able to find other ways of repairing things and could have potentially stayed in business. 

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