Toponmy [Geography of Europe]

Please follow all the instructions provided on the PDF including doing the map with labels, etc.


Choose a country of the European Union and research the toponymy of that region. Determine the historical patterns of language use and change based on the toponymy. a) How do you do this? i) Go to the library ii) Get a big atlas (1) Choose an interesting place from the atlas (2) Examine the place names (3) Note differences among the place names (4) Note spatial patterns among the place names iii) Check out a book on the history of the country (1) Read about the history (2) Compare the historical development of the region to the patterns in place names


Produce a report from your research. This report should be word processed and include the following: a) A written description of the region including: i) Its physical characteristics (climate, topography, physical barriers, etc.); ii) A description of the population (size, ethnicity, urban vs. rural, etc.); iii) A brief description of its historical development. b) Specific examples of toponyms demonstrative of the language development of the region. c) A map of the region with the demonstrative places labeled and the spread or change of languages shown graphically (include required map elements). d) A complete list of references.

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