Toyota in 2010 Discussion

Minimum 250 Words

had several recalls and issues in 2010 where many blamed their HR
department not manufacturing on why Toyota was struggling. We know the
purpose of training is to make sure that employees have the right skills
and capabilities to identify and handle all situations they may

As you know,
Toyota is famous for its four-step cycle — plan/do/check/act. In
addition, to the automotive industry, safety is paramount. Everyone
should have been trained on the symptoms of groupthink and how to avoid
the excess discounting or ignoring of negative external safety
information. Take a moment and research Toyota’s recalls in 2010 and
then answer the question: If Toyota’s training was more effective, would
the recalls have happened to the extent they did? What if Toyota had
documented the training which all employees underwent, would that have
made a positive or negative impact? Do you think Toyota used training
and documentation to avoid the same pitfalls? Why or why not?

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