Treatment Plan – Gel Nails Treatment performed Colour gel Gel removals Overlays Refills French gel on tips French backfills French tips Natural tips…

Question Answered step-by-step from PinkGel nail enhancement full set225 Albian Street, Surry Hills 20100425 888 411Polly, who is 42 years old, arrives for her gel nail enhancement treatment having just finished work as a receptionist. You take her through to the treatment area.Polly advises you that she would like a full set of gel nail enhancements with a French finish. She would also like to add length to her nails. She has become a regular at the salon, and usually gets a French manicure with her nails square so that it adds strength as she is sick of them breaking. Polly shows her therapist, Leila, that she has a small cut on her elbow which she has covered over. On observation of her nails, you notice that the pointer finger nail on her left hand has chipped and is slightly flaking. Polly explains this happens all the time as she does a lot of typing at work. Polly also tells you that she has never had acrylic or gel nails, and does not work with any chemicals. She says she wear gloves when washing the dishes, and hates gardening.b.    Based on the consultation performed with Polly, and looking at her nails and the characteristics she has presented with and what she would like to achieve, you now need to develop a treatment plan. Using your knowledge of gel nail enhancement treatments, you need to choose the correct equipment, tools and products that will allow Polly to achieve the best results.When completing Polly’s treatment plan below, be sure to show what treatment you have chosen to perform, and the steps that you have included in the treatment.During the gel nail enhancement treatment Polly advises that the nail polish remover is stinging her hands and she is experiencing burning. She doesn’t know what to do.As the therapist, you need to decide what to do when this happens to Polly. Note what has happened on the Treatment Plan form. You also need to complete the sections to show the outcome of the treatment and aftercare advice you have provided.Complete all sections on the Treatment Plan form below.Image transcription textTreatment Plan – Gel Nails Treatment performed Colour gel Gel removals Overlays Refills French gel on tipsFrench backfills French tips Natural tips Clear tips Other: Treatment procedure performed Select which stepswere performed, name of the product used, and the type of equipment that was used. Steps perf… Show more… Show more Health Science Science Nursing 2.5.5 E1177 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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