Unit 2 Introduction: Chemical Formulas and Equations Project

Assignment is attached below as a screen shot. (.png)

Here is a link to the Textbook. https://intervisualtechnology.us/uploads/PDFs/Chem…

For the textbook pages 299 talk about Activity Series.

If possible complete assignment as a Microsoft Word Document.

Part A must be completed as a chart/table.

Part B Pg.299 of textbook talks about Activity Series

Part C When making the problem keep in mind that this is a 10th grade Chemistry Assignment. NOT college level. Keep everything to a 10th Grade level of knowledge.

Project Rubrics

Part A Excellent, Chart is correctly filled out, and each response is placed in the correct cell. Chemical formulas are written correctly and each present element is listed.

Part B Excellent, Student response is clear, coherent, and uses specific details to support the conclusion. Student shows a solid understanding of electron configurations and periodic trends. Complete sentences are used and there are very few spelling or grammatical errors.

Part C Excellent, Student correctly constructs sample problems. Sample problems are formatted correctly, and include step by step instructions about how to solve them. The solution to the problem is correct and clearly stated.

Must be in MLA format and works cited page required if you use any outside sources other than the Textbook

The quicker the assignment is completed the higher $TIP$ you will receive.

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