Unit 3 discussion 1

Dementia Resources

This morning, your neighbor, Sandra, approached you and was clearly very upset. She said that her mother, who is 72, has just been diagnosed with dementia. Knowing that you are studying gerontology, she wondered if you could help her understand what this means and what she should expect. After offering your sympathy and encouragement, you tell her that you will do a little research and then send her an e-mail. For this discussion:

  • Compose the e-mail, giving Sandra an overview of dementia as well as pointing her toward some of the resources available.
  • Tell Sandra specifically about the two resources you explored earlier in this unit from the Alzheimer’s Resource Bank—what they contain, what she should know about using them, and what she will not find in them.
  • Integrate the resources you are providing to her with the information you understand about dementia.

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