University of South Florida Management Questions


Operational Excellence Paper

Write a position paper answering the following questions and requirements:

  1. Requirement: Title page with course name, your name, date
  2. Requirment: Introductory Paragraph
  3. Question: What is your understanding of operational excellence?
  4. Question: Operational Excellence in practice:
    1. Describe your place of employment: provide specifics about your company, location, industry and your role there.
    2. How do you observe operational excellence (or not observe it) in practice at your organization?
    3. How do you feel about your organization?s approach to operational excellence? Are there strengths? Are there weaknesses?
  5. Question: Keys to Operational Excellence success:
    1. What is your definition of psychological safety?
    2. Provide an example of when you experienced psychological safety.
  6. Requirement: Conclusion Paragraph
  7. Requirment: APA Reference / Citation Page

Your paper should be at minimum 3 to 5 pages long. Incorporate a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to support your position. NO plagiarism!!!

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