University of the Incarnate Word Stay Alive Inc Case Study


Effective managers need to master team-building techniques not only when they are creating a new team, but also when they begin working with an existing team. The objective of this case analysis is to give you an opportunity to identify ways in which the members of Stay-Alive Inc. applied (or failed to apply) key principles concerning effective team building. 


Analysis: Stay-Alive Inc.

As discussed in the Module 1, the module explores human relations, which focuses on creating and sustaining commitment and cohesion within a team. When employees have opportunities to develop their skills and abilities, they typically contribute more effectively to the organization?s performance needs.

Read the case study and respond to the assignment questions.

Answer the following questions: 

Is Stay-Alive Inc. an effective team? Why or why not?

How were the various team behaviors performed in this agency? What roles do you think have been considered the most important in the past? What roles do you think have been neglected?

Rather than leaving, how might Jean have helped Stay-Alive become a more effective organization?

What other suggestions would you give to the management team at Stay-Alive to help them improve?

If you were the director of Stay-Alive, what issues would you want to see addressed in a team-building session? 

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