URP4870-001 Site Planning

URP4870-001 Site Planning

Code Research Minor Assignment

Directions: Determine the correct answer for each question. Use the PBC Unified Land Development

Code and FLU Element in the Comprehensive Plan for unincorporated Palm Beach County to ascertain

the answers. The docs are located on Canvas under Lecture 2. Place the answers in a red color font

after each question.

1. A property owner is seeking to build a convenience store. If they do not want to go to public hearing

(permitted by right), which Zoning and FLU designations must be in place on the property? Additionally,

what is the maximum FAR permitted if the property is in the Urban/Suburban Tier and is w/o a PDD?

2. How many TOTAL parking spaces are required for a 100-unit multi-family development?

3. What FLU and zoning combination


permit a Zero-Lot Line development?

4. How many TOTAL parking spaces are required for a 25-room hotel (use decimal if applicable)?

5. What use definition would an automotive oil-change shop be categorized under?


A. A property has a FLU designation of CL, and is located within the Urban/Suburban Tier—w/o a PDD,

what is the max FAR (hint: it should be a decimal)?

B. If a property is 3 AC, what is the maximum building area size with a CL FLU designation?

7. How many units (maximum) can you develop on a 275 AC. property with a FLU designation of RR-2.5?

8. If a new multi-family development is proposed adjacent to an existing commercial property, will a

buffer be required? If so, what kind and dimension will be required?

9. What is the front setback required and maximum building/lot coverage for an RM district?

10. If a buffer required for a 60’ ROW? If so, how wide is the buffer?

11. Is a Single Family use permitted in any commercial zoning district (applicable one we discussed in

class)? If so, which one(s)?

12. Which zoning district(s) (applicable one we discussed in class) is an indoor flea market allowed?

13. How many acres are in a property that is 675,000 SF?

14. How many SF are in a 42 AC. property?

IN DROP FILLS U WILL SEE THE COOD and the lecture read it and take the info from them to answer the 14 question

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