use PowerPoint to create your poster Set your slide size to 11×17.

Safety in the Workplace Poster Project


Using the website references below, and your textbook, research OSH Act information on

Employee Rights and Responsibilities and Employer Rights and Responsibilities then create

a one-page informational poster. Your poster must include at least three images and be

properly cited. A bibliography page must be included.

You may not use a picture as a background for your poster.

You will use PowerPoint to create your poster. Set your slide size to 11×17. Your file is due

to me by midnight April 10 th on Canvas. All files will be checked for authenticity. You will be

assigned a partner. You and your partner will have a group page where you can

communicate with each other and upload your files.

Please review the information from the websites below before you and your

partner begin working on the poster. As a team you will decide who is

responsible for what on each team.

Information Resources

? OSHA, US Department of Labor. (2013). Workers.

? OSHA, US Department of Labor. (2013). Employer responsibilities.…

? OSHA, US Department of Labor (2011). OSHA worker’s rights, publication

OSHA 3021-09R 2011 retrieved from

? OSHA, US Department of Labor (2013). All about OSHA, publication OSHA 3302-

01R 2013 retrieved from…

? OSHA, US Department of Labor (2013).…

? Textbook pages 110-113

You may NOT use any posters already created. This must be your original work. Failure to include a

bibliography citing your information, and your pictures, will result in a grade of zero.

You may use the noun project for simple icons, and pictures if you need too. Just be sure to cite


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