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In this argument, you may support a middle ground (that you support vaccines but maybe we shouldn’t receive so many at once, at a young age, etc.). You have more flexibility in your topic compared to the Mary Mallon Essay. However, I still expect your essays to be well-written and coherent with a clearly identifiable thesis. Be sure to provide supporting evidence and proper citation whenever necessary. As you have more time to complete this essay compared to the previous essay, I recommend making an appointment with the writing center. The same 30 point scale rubric will be applied. The only difference is that I am letting you choose what the topic/research question. The expected word count is 800+ words.

General Guidelines

  • I DO NOT want a summary of the documentary-I was there
  • You are allowed to express concerns against vaccines-there are some cases of seizures and the risk may not outweigh the benefit for you personally. You may believe in a more holistic approach to medicine and seek as little medical help as possible. If that is your stance, I am interested in you arguing your reasons why?
  • What you cannot do is argue that vaccines cause autism.

Topic Ideas

If you struggle with having too much flexibility in a topic you may use any of the following:

As of 2015, California has removed personal and religious exemptions for vaccines. Only medical exemptions (children who are too sick to receive the vaccine) are allowed. Do you support this notion? You may want to consider using evidence from the documentary in support of your argument.

Do you think Florida should follow California’s example?

You may choose to focus on a specific vaccine, for example, should the HPV vaccine be required of every student before starting high school?

Do the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risk associated with them (generally speaking or a specific vaccine of your choice?

Do people have a justified fear surrounding vaccines?

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