Vigilant hacker groups and the fine line between ethical and unethical hacking.

These are the subtopics you will need to research and include in your paper as subtitles:

  • What the technology is
  • An overview of how it works
  • The potential applications of the technology
  • The nature of any controversial issues
  • How the technology is expected to develop in the next years

Below are the requirements of the paper:

  • Include your name and a short title on the cover page.
  • Use the APA reference style for in-text references.
  • List all references in alphabetical order on a new page at the end of the paper with the heading “References” following the APA reference style.
  • Include page numbers at the bottom of each page, except for the cover page.
  • The font should be 12-point Times New Roman. The margins should be 1 inch all around. The line spacing should be at single.
  • Your final paper should be at least five pages long excluding the cover page and references list.
  • Make sure that your paper does not have any punctuation or grammatical errors.

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