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Part 1: Chapter 7: (need 2 page answer)

1. Go to the Claritas website, click on MyBestSegments, and find the Zip Code Look-Up. There you will find a demo that allows you to type in a zip code of your choice and find out what PRIZM clusters predominate in that geographic area.

a) What do the findings tell you about the overall composition of potential customers within that zip code?

b) Based on the array of clusters represented, what kinds of start-up businesses might flourish within the geographic area? Why do you believe those businesses in particular would be successful?

2. Go to the Strategic Business Insights (SBI) website and click through to the section on VALSTM. Find the VALSTM survey and complete the questionnaire.

a) Are the results surprising? Why or why not? Do you see yourself as part of the identified VALSTM segment?

b) If you are comfortable doing so, share your results with a few other people in the class and ask if they mind sharing their results with you. What is the consensus among the group about whether the survey actually captured a relevant profile about yourself and your classmates?

c) How might each of these brands benefit from the use of VALSTM as a psychographic segmentation tool?

· Chipotle

· Walt Disney World Theme Park

· Target Stores

· Samsung

· Porsche

3. Assume for a moment that you are in marketing for Staples (the office supply company) and that the clients you are responsible for are business users (not end-user consumers). What five business market segmentation variables do you think will be most useful to consider as you move toward homing in on the Staples business target markets with the best ROI? Justify your choice of each.

4. Consider each of the brands below. Review the list of potential sources of differential competitive advantage (differentiation) highlighted in the chapter. For each: (a) indicate which one differentiation source you believe is most important to them currently and (b) indicate which other differentiation sources you believe might hold promise for development for them in the near future and why.

a) Norwegian Cruise Line

b) Sears Craftsman Tools

c) Avon

d) Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores

e) The Salvation Army

5. McDonald’s is interested in your opinion of how it would stack up on a perceptual map against Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A on the attributes of convenience and product quality. Create the map by putting convenience as the vertical axis (high at the top and low at the bottom) and product quality as the horizontal axis (low on the left and high on the right). Then indicate your perceptions of the five brands on these attributes by placing a dot for each in the spot that indicates your view (see Exhibit 7.13 for examples).

a) What does the result reveal about McDonald’s current positioning on these attributes, based strictly from your perception?

b) If possible, compare notes with others in your class. Do you find consistency?

c) In general, what opportunities for repositioning do you see for any of the brands to take advantage of current perceptions revealed on the perceptual map? What would they have to do to accomplish this repositioning?

Part 2: Need 1 page answer for 3 questions at the end of the case.
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