Week 6 Post Case 1 Fraiser Discussion


  1. Read the attached Case: Fraiser to answer each question below. Provide a substantive response to each question. Answers should incorporate meaningful connections to supporting information
    in the case. A minimum of two references are required.
  2. Who are the parties in the Frasier negotiation and what are their interests? How can the various parties influence the negotiation process and its outcome?
  3. What is NBC’s BATNA? What is Paramount’s BATNA? What is your best estimate of their respective reservation prices? Is there a ZOPA?
  4. How can value be created in this negotiation and who is likely to get it? What obstacles might prevent agreement and how can they be overcome?
  5. How should Marc Graboff judge success in this negotiation? As President of NBC West Coast, how would you want to compensate Graboff?

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