West Coast University Biostatics Questions

This assignment, like subsequent assignments each week, will help you make progress toward your final project.

The first step is to understand how to use Microsoft Excel to enter data that you collected on individuals. You will use the information below for this assignment.

Male, age 50, Hispanic
Male, age 39, African American
Female, age 19, European American
Male, age 22, Asian American
Female, age 88, European American
Female, age 37, Hispanic
Female, age 43, Asian American
Male, age 72, Native American
Male, age 45, European American
Female, age 30, African American

Enter the above information on the 10 imaginary research participants in Excel. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when creating a data set in Excel: The first row consists of variable names (column heading). Subsequent rows contain participants’ data. For this data set, the data you enter should only be the numbers that represent the information presented above, with the following column heading and rows of data:

  1. Column name: ID, Rows of data: 1 through 10
  2. Column name: Gender, Rows of data: Male = 1, Female = 2
  3. Column name: Age: (just type in the number)
  4. Column name: Race, Rows of data: Hispanic = 1, African American = 2, European American = 3, ?Asian American = 4, Native American = 5

In addition, create a codebook on the second sheet of your Excel document, so that other people who view your data set can understand what the numeric answer for different variables represent. It will look as simple as this:

  1. Gender (male = 1, female = 2)
  2. Age: number in years
  3. Ethnicity (Hispanic = 1, African American = 2, European American = 3, ?Asian American = 4, Native American = 5

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Need Excel help? Click on the Excel Function Help Workbook under Course Materials.

Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)
Points: 50

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