What features are unique to the Social Work profession, sociology homework help

  1. What features are unique to the Social Work profession?
  2. What according to the CSWE is Social Work?
  3. Who is a social worker?
  4. What differentiates a BS W from MSW?
  5. What in your own words is the mission of Social Work?
  6. What are the major theories that lay a strong foundation for Social Work?
  7. What is micro and macro practice of Social Work?
  8. Explain in your own words the NASW standards for cultural competencies in Social Work?
  9. Give three examples of how language plays an important role in showing respect to a client in need ?
  10. What is your view on “people first language”
  11. What are some of social worker’s ethical responsibilities?
  12. Describe five areas in which social workers work.
  13. What characteristics are most suited to becoming a social worker? Do you possess any that might prove to be a hindrance while practicing social work?
  14. What does the term “change agent” mean?
  15. What are the factors that would make you choose social work as a career?
  16. What distances you from choosing social work as a career?

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