WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Read the scenarios and decide what you…

Question Answered WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Read the scenarios and decide what you… WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Read the scenarios and decide what you personally would do in those situations. Be as honest as possible. ______ Scenario 1: A pharmacy rep offers you gifts in exchange for prescribing their medication. You do not believe the medication is the best option available. Do you (A)- accept the gifts and promote the medication or (B) – refuse the gift and agree for that medication to be the preferred choice?______ Scenario 2: Do you think it should be (A)- legal for people to have the ability to purchase organs for transplant if they would not be able to receive an organ by waiting their turn through the database, or (B)-the sale of human body parts is immoral? ______ Scenario 3: You suspect your patient is faking pain in order to have pain medication prescribed. Would you (A)- still prescribe the medication or (B)- refuse to prescribe the medication? ______ Scenario 4: Would you ever (A)- hide information from a patient about a terminal diagnosis in order to boost their spirit or attitude or (B)- always have total honesty even if you feel like it could bring a negative emotional response? ______ Scenario 5: Your closest friend, who is also a physician, came to work intoxicated. Would you (A)- tell a superior of (B)- not say anything? ______ Scenario 6: You know that the spouse of your patient has HIV, but your patient does not know. Would you (A)- figure out a way to alert your patient or (B)- protect the confidentiality of the spouse? ______ Scenario 6: Your patient could benefit from a surgery that insurance refuses to cover. Would you (A)- perform the surgery even though you know it will cost your practice or (B)- not perform the surgery and try other treatments? ______ Scenario 7: Your friend calls and is wanting you to write them a prescription for a medication they need. They are not your patient. Would you (A)- write the prescription or (B)- decline and offer to see them in your office. ______ Scenario 8: You tell a family that their child’s life could be saved with a treatment, but they refuse based on religious reasons. Do you (A)- perform the treatment without their permission or (B)- honor their request? ______ Scenario 9: A male urology patient insists upon a male surgeon because he tells the hospital staff, “Everyone knows that men, on average, cut straighter.” Would you (A)-honor his request even though it might put a strain on the staffing that day or (B)- tell him that he must use the female surgeon assigned to his case. ______ Scenario 10: A patient’s daughter asks that her father, who suffers from mild dementia, be assigned a Caucasian home health aide because having a nonwhite person in his home will confuse and frighten” him. Would you (A)- honor her request or (B)- explain that they must accept whatever staff member is available Based on your responses, do you think you identify more with deontology ethics or consequential ethics? Health Science Science Nursing BIO 210 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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