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  Human Resources Management – MGT 201 Case Study  You  have recently been hired at the Human Resource (HR) Manager for a medium sized company that employs 25 full time staff. Your predecessor was forced to resign ; however you ar e unsure of the circumstances. Your only knowledge of the HR Department is that the condition of the department is “less than favorable”. The Vice-President of the company has given you the following directive: improve staff morale, enhance training, and build an HR Department that is compliant with all required rules and regulations.   Task One : Develop an introductory statement that will be presented to Senior Management outlining what your plan will be in order to follow the directive to its fullest. This statement will outline your specific plans for achieving your goals. The statement should be at least one page and may contain bulleted points. (For example, one of your plans is to interview all 25 employees; from these interviews, you plan to create a master list of all training, assignments, and rules and regulations that must be implemented in order to improve morale, enhance training, and build a compliant HR Department.)  Task Two : Prepare a list of 15-20 questions that you plan to ask every employee. Questions may vary depending upon the employee’s position, title, and length of service. Your goal is to ask specific, poignant questions that will provide you with the information you need to improve your department and the company.  Task Three : Prepare a detailed, realistic timeline that will address when you plan to have these interviews as well as a summary completed. It is important to keep in mind that this “project” is not your only task; as the new HR Manager, you have numerous other task to perform on a daily basis. (As an HR Manager, your responsibilities are endless!)  You are to assume that you will be presenting Tasks 1 – 3 to Senior Management in a one-hour meeting for their approval, a Senior Management must approve your plans.  Parameters :    This assignment is to be completed in word format, using either Times New Romans or Arial 10 or 12 point font. A cover page containing the student’s name, course name and section, and date of submission is to be included. The case study must be at least three pages (excluding the cove page) but no more than five. All paragraphs and/or presented “content” should be double-spaced. One to two graphics are permitted if necessary to illustrate your point. 073116  

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