WKTWO – PSY300 – Discussion Question

Generate research ideas for each of the following categories. Generate one or more ideas for each, identify the variables involved, possible methods, the hypothesis, etc., and work together through asides to modify these components.

a. Informal observations (generate research ideas that will use informal observations to collect the evidence to support [or not] the hypothesis)

b. Practical problems

c. Topics discussed in recent issues of professional peer-reviewed journals (identify the journal or journals you browse; use journal websites to see what recent topics have been discussed in journals).


Extraordinarily thorough and well-written, answers question(s) posed, and includes significant content-rich follow-through on presentation of the information, includes reference to the text material when appropriate (with page numbers). Must be completely free of Plagiarism and in APA Format.

Reminder: If you quote directly from the text in your answer please indicate so by using quotation marks. When using material from the text you must list page numbers.Remember, grammar counts: I expect you to communicate your ideas clearly and to appropriately cite material. DO NOT copy and paste from websites. Always include references with your responses, even if you are paraphrasing the material.

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