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Acts III and IV

  • When Hamlet is speaking with Ophelia who has been “planted” in the library while Claudius and Polonius spy, how does the conversation go?What does she return to him?How does he react to that?
  • After the play, Hamlet uses a pipe analogy to compare Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s attempts to manipulate him.What is the analogy?
  • What is Hamlet’s reasoning for not killing Claudius after the play when he finds him at prayer?
  • What is the gist of Claudius’s soliloquy while he is a prayer?Why can he not pray?
  • What does the Ghost say to Hamlet when he appears in the bedchamber scene at the end of Act III?
  • Does Gertrude seem surprised by what Hamlet says?In your opinion, did she or did she not know all along that she had married her husband’s murderer?
  • What does Hamlet tell his mother to promise when she asks him “What shall I do?” after she begins to understand the situation?
  • First Claudius doesn’t want Hamlet to leave Elsinore; now he wants him gone.What is his plan?
  • We hear again of Prince Fortinbras.What is he up to?
  • Hamlet’s learning of Fortinbras and the war he is waging prompts his third soliloquy.What is the gist of it? (p. 203)
  • Laertes is back from France and furious.How does his reaction to his father’s murder differ from Hamlet’s reaction to his father’s?How are the circumstances of these two sons avenging their fathers’ murders different?
  • When Laertes confronts Claudius about why Hamlet was not held accountable for Polonius’s murder, what does he say?(two reasons)
  • Claudius and Laertes hatch a three-fold plan to kill Hamlet to make sure they are successful.What is it?

Act IV

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