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Dear Mrs. Laurie Harmon,

First and foremost, I would like to
appreciate your reply. However, I think this fact would deny most of the
students in such a program many amazing opportunities. I feel that the
college decision not to have the program considered for voluntary hours
is killing me and making me lose the opportunity to be hired. I hope a
decision would be reached soon to help save the opportunities that most
students in the program are being offered. If this was done sooner than
later, I would have stood to benefit from the position that could be
opened for me at the AdventHealth Ocala Hospital. The only obstacle and
stabling block to my opportunity is bound to my program I am enrolled


Adriana Safe

Dear Dr. Carlette Norwood-Williams,

I hope this finds you well. As I stated earlier, I am interested in taking the position at the AdventHealth Ocala Hospital. However, I acknowledge that there is a requirement to complete some voluntary hours. It is unfortunate that at Rasmussen College, the program does not include an internship/externship program. I cannot, therefore, complete the voluntary hours through the school as required. That being the case, I would like to let you know that I am willing to raise to the occasion and do all it takes to work at your facility. For me, this is a significant and positive impact in my academic and professional development, as I am convinced that the position represents an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Being a Registrar at the AdventHealth Ocala Hospital gave me all the required experience and familiarization with the hospital.

My wish has always been growing in my profession and since I joined this facility, I have always felt this is where I belong. I feel it is the right time for me rise higher and get involved in more demanding tasks, and being accorded the chance of working as a pharmacy tech would be the real deal and a major step up. I will, to the best of my ability, ensure that the high standards of the hospital and the reputable name it holds remains. This opportunity would help develop myself and learn and master skills and expertise from experienced professionals. The situation with my school is unfortunate, but I would like to inform you that I only have one class to complete and acquire my certificate. After this, I will also initiate registration of my license that will be completed within three weeks. I would like to plead with you to consider me outside the school situation and accord me the chance as soon as I am certified and licensed.

Thank you in advance. I am available regarding any questions or further clarification. I am looking forward to your response and consideration.


Adriana Safe.

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