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I have written a Research Summary for an Introduction to Psychology course. I handed in a rough draft, and I received some notes, I would like your help with making edits to the paper so that it meets the rubric, and addresses the teachers concerns.

I will include my paper, as well as the study, and the teacher's notes, and the instructions/rubric. Help me take this paper from a B to an A.

Teacher Notes: Something I think you could slightly change in your summary according to the rubric is some of the language or technical terms used when describing the research study since your summary is meant to be easy to read for someone who isn't as knowledgeable as you are about the topic.

One question I have is, although the research findings were viable, was the research conclusive since another experiment had to be conducted to apply it to the general population?

Overview: Find and read an experimental peer-reviewed paper on a topic of interest to you in Psychology (General survey of perception; learning and memory; cognitive, developmental, personality, abnormal, and social psychology; and behavioral neuroscience.)Summarize the paper in your own words and tell me how you went about finding the article

Specific Instructions:

1) Find an article (including information on what to avoid if you don’t want to fail):

• Cite the article using APA format at the end of your paper. Failure to meet this requirement may result in receipt of a grade of 0.

2) You will need to write a short description of how you went about finding the paper. This should include which search engines and terms you used.

3) Demonstrate Your Understanding of the Article.

• Read the article carefully so that you understand the points that the author(s) are trying to make. You do not have to understand the statistics, but you need to understand what they were testing and what they found.

• Write a brief summary of the article to demonstrate your understanding. This summary should be at least one page and no more than 2, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font with 1-inch margins. Please use your OWN words to describe the paper. The point here is that I want to know you understood the paper and can explain it simply. If you use a vocab word or talk about a topic in psychology, be sure to define it to show me you know what it means. This summary should be straightforward. This should be written using proper grammar, but also in such a way as a friend with no background in psychology (or my 8-year-old daughter) would understand it. Do NOT use quotes – this must be in your own words.

•Describe what the authors wanted to test (What are they talking about and why?). How did they operationalize their variables? Why is this important? How does it fit into past research on this topic? Let me know why they cared about the topic before they did the study.

• You must include what was done in the study. Write this so that I could think from the perspective of someone who was in the study. What was done? What was the process? What sort of questions were asked? What were the procedures were used? If I was a participant, how would I have been recruited? In fact, you can write this from the perspective of a participant if you would like (and if it makes sense).

• Tell me what they found. Be specific here; don’t just say “they were right.” What were their pattern of results? You don’t have to fully understand the statistics section – go to the discussion section. What are they saying they found? Why is what they found important? Why should people care about what they found?

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