write a reaction paper on Plato reading!

write a summary on plato reading. textbook is ” Ebenstein, and Ebenstein. 2000. great political thinkers: plato to the present. wadsworth, boston, MA.”

* the reaction papers will not exceed one page in length single spaced. they should have a brief summary of the reading, a section on why is it important, any critics of the logic in the theory.

this is the example of my class reaction paper requirement look like!

Reaction Paper

Ayn Rand

Anthony Gabrielli


In the two articles written by Rand, she discusses the increasing role of the state in citizens’ lives and why this is detrimental to human existence.She discusses the collectivization of rights as the ultimate evil that the state can commit against individual freedom. She argues that when the state starts treating individuals as parts of a group it dehumanizes the individual. The individual becomes nothing more than the stereotype of the group they are a part of hence losing their identity to the group. Furthermore she says that by giving some rights to certain people and not to others we deny to the citizens the civil rights they all deserve. Why should some people receive rights but others do not?

Rand discusses the role of the government in society. She reverts to a Lockean view that the government is only there to protect the citizens and their property. The government should not pick the winners and losers. A libertarian view to say the least, in fact she goes so far as to illustrate the benefits a of a social dawarnistic approach to human government interaction.


Rand is important because she is seen by several people as the theoretical basis for libertarianism in the United States. Several key legislators are Rand fanatics. So much so that Senator Rand Paul is named after Ayn Rand.


I think Rand wishes the world was not industrialized, so her theory would make sense. In an industrialized world where some own the means of production and others work, where money determines your place in society, wealth equals better education and more political power. Rand ignores those unable to be wealthy and may offer other benefits to society. She puts the onus on the individual to bargain for employment against the wealthier more educated owner, who can then use that leverage to keep the worker in lowly conditions which makes it difficult to break the cycle of poverty and limited education. I think she forgets that not everyone is suited to be a captain of industry and those not suited do need government protection in my opinion.

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