Write two briefs overview of the revisions or new amendments

Firstly You need choose 1 or 2 constitution and write two brief (a few sentences) overview and rationale of the revisions or new amendments which you are working on

Tips: Red chapter 3 (“The Color of Justice”) and chapter 4 (“The Cruel Hand”) in The New Jim Crow. These chapters go into more detail about the system of mass incarceration; specifically, the role of race in the criminal justice system and the difficulties that formerly incarcerated people experience upon release from prison. Here’s the example new amendment I wrote on the Status Update form:

Example New Amendment: K-16 education is a constitutional right for all residents of the United States. Most of the responsibility for K-12 education rests with the states. In each state, more per capita funding goes toward prisoners than it does to students. This must change. Therefore, the federal government will ensure that more money goes to K-12 education and will fund public higher education so that all students can attend tuition free. Currently, the federal government spends $80 billion on education, but with this Amendment funding will increase for the first year to $200 billion by reducing spending on military and prisons. In addition, the amount of funding will continue to increase each academic school year. Finally, the Amendment will urge all state governments to reduce funding for prisons and spend it on K-16 education.

Of course, this is only a brief overview of what the new amendment would say. There needs to be more rationalization and it’s also important to do additional research to make sure the information and funding numbers are accurate. $80 billion is what the federal government currently spends on K-12, and when Bernie Sanders campaigned for president in 2016 he advocated for free public higher education, arguing it would cost $75 billion/year. Thus, by increasing the K-12 budget to $125 billion (a $45 billion increase), there will be enough left over to pay for free public higher ed. I realize it will be difficult for advocates of the military spending ($600 billion) and prisons ($80 billion) to give up some of the money they receive, but because this is a People’s Constitution project you can be as imaginative and progressive as you want.

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