youth violence data review

Answer the questions below using, as evidence, the information in the sources attached (the three links and the pictures). Cite the source in the response and in a References section below. Be thorough with the responses and answer in complete sentences.

  • Document the need for change: Collect and analyze data to define what the problem is, where it is, how big it is, and who is affected by It. What evidence of the problem exists? (cite at least one source)
  • Describe the history of the problem: How long has the problem existed? How has it changed over time? (cite at least one source)
  • Examine potential causes of the problem: What causes the problem? What theories do we have? The intervention to be chosen must target one or more specific causes supported by research. (cite at least once source)
  • Examine previous interventions that have tried to change this problem. Identify the most promising interventions and choose a preferred intervention approach. (cite at least one source)
  • Identify relevant stakeholders: Do different groups of people have different definitions of the problem? Who is affected by the problem? (cite at least one source)
  • Conduct a systems analysis: Conduct research on the justice system where the problem exists, and determine how the system may create, contribute to, or maintain the problem. (cite at least one source)
  • Identify barriers to change and supports for change: Who (parent, youth, teachers, law enforcement, etc.) is likely to support a certain course of action? Who is likely to resist it?

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