Construction safety, assignment help

Briefly explain three ways that exposure to
welding fumes can be reduced in an outdoor working environment. Which of the
three would be the most efficient?

What is the difference between a handrail and a
stairrail? When are they required?

What does the term “fully planked”
mean in relationship to scaffold platforms? Why is it important?

Describe how electrical shock can contribute to
falls on a construction site. Provide at least two examples.

Discuss the site evaluation steps that should be
taken before starting an excavation project. Which step(s) are likely to
contribute the most in preventing excavation injuries?

What is the purpose of conducting an engineering
survey prior to a demolition project? Describe and discuss the major components
of an engineering survey for the demolition of a two-story wood structure.

Discuss the differences between shields,
shoring, and sloping in the context of protective systems used in excavation.
How is the appropriate system selected?

29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC requires that workers
understand the crane safety training they are provided. Suggest some ways to
ensure understanding is achieved. How can workers’ understanding be verified?

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