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HR Performance Issues and Motivation

The relationship between the organization and its members can
be greatly influenced by what motivates individuals to work. The
style of leadership, job design, resources on the job, and environment
can all have a significant effect on the satisfaction of employees
and their performance. Performance is also influenced by individual
motivations (e.g., social, recognition, financial reward, personal
growth and development, and/or intrinsic satisfaction) and can equally
impact the organization. There are many theories that attempt to
explain the nature of motivation. Write a four- to five-page paper
(excluding the title and reference pages) evaluating the relationship
between motivation, job satisfaction, and work performance. Be sure to
address the following:

  1. Describe a performance issue which resulted from a motivational problem (what, why, who).
  2. Use a content theory of motivation (e.g., Maslow,
    Alderfer, Herzberg, or McClelland) or a process theory (i.e., Adams,
    Locke, or Heider and Kelley) to explain how the issue creates a
    performance problem for the organization.
  3. Use the theory of motivation you selected to describe an
    intervention/action to change the motivation/behavior and correct the
    performance problem. 

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