Identify your favorite Superbowl XLVIII Ad. Copy the link to the ad and answer the following questions, Principles of Marketing homework help

Please help me answer these questions. No Plagiarize.

 Identify your favorite Superbowl XLVIII Ad.  Copy the link to the ad and answer the following questions.

  1. What consumer needs were identified?

  2. Do you think this advertisement was effective at gaining the attention of the target audience? Explain why or why not.

  3. What particularly did you like or dislike about the ad?

  4. Was the ad designed for the Super Bowl Sunday only, or can it be re-used (to amortize cost)?

  5. And now the $4 million dollar question (remember the average 30 second ad cost the advertising company $4 million). The purpose of all advertising is either to inform, reinforce past behavior (remind), and/or change behavior (persuade). Of these 3 things, what was the major purpose of this ad?  Did the ad do this thing well? Why or why not? What could have been done more effectively?

  6. You CANNOT use an ad already used by another student.

  7. Please put the name of the product/company paying for the ad in your subject line

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