Review for Website #1 and Website #2

The purpose of the Reviews is to review two existing Websites
and write about the site design and structure. By reviewing Websites, you will
gain a better understanding of the different design styles.

  • 1)Pick one type of company from the three Project Company Types listed in Column 1.
  • 2)Find two sample Websites for Company Type that you have chosen. The Websites may be the ones provided in Column 2, or ones that you find on your own. For example, if you select “Non-Profit Association”, two appropriate Websites would be and Or, you could have included a Website not shown in Column 2, such as
  • 3)For each Website, you will write a review of the Website and create a flowchart of the Website. Details are provided in Section III: Reviews Description

I have attached the full instructions and example of the flowchart as well.

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