causes of child death memo

Students will
write a 3-4 page memo to an individual who has a decision-making role in the field of Maternal and
Child Health. Students will identify the appropriate person as the audience for the memo, depending
on the nature of the topic selected. Students do not need to address the entire issue selected, but
identify a specific activity that is under the control of the recipient of your memo. Writing a memo is different than the writing a term paper. Memos are read by
busy individuals, and they do not want long background sections and flowery language. Memos are
short and very specific. The writer needs to consider the audience and not make recommendations beyond
what that person can do.

My topic is causes of child death

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Action Programs, Financial Projections and Budgets, assignment help

The next two sections of the marketing plan include Action Programs and Financial Projections and Budget. You will complete phase IV of your marketing plan in two parts. First, you will put together your action programs. Then, you will complete your financial projections and budget.

The Action Program

The Action Programs section of a marketing plan basically serves as a detailed promotions “to do” list. This section spells out specific programs that the company will participate in to promote their products. The Action Program will describe what will be done, when it will be done, who will accomplish the task, and how much it will cost. An example of an item that would appear in an Action Program would be a trade show. The Action Program would list the specific trade show and date. It would state the company’s objectives and reasons for attending it. It would also list who would attend the trade show, expected results, costs, etc.

  1. In 1-2 pages, provide summaries of the Action Programs that you will use during the first six months of launching your product in order to achieve your objectives.

Financial Projections and Budgets

The Financial Projections and Budgets section of the marketing plan include budget details of expected revenue, estimated expenses, and a break-even analysis

  1. Complete your Financial Projections and budget by providing 1-2 paragraphs about each of the following items:
  • Sales Revenue Forecast: What is your projected sales volume by month for the first year?
  • Expense Forecast: What is your total expected marketing costs? Break your costs down by each marketing, promotion, and action program strategy that you listed earlier in your plan.
  • Break-Even Analysis: The break-even-analysis is the price at which total revenue equals total cost and profit is zero. This shows how many units must be sold monthly to offset the monthly fixed costs and average per-unit variable costs.

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Hinduism’s effect on politics, economics and society after 1300 CE

You will select at least FOUR primary sources that tell a story. You will analyze each document for content and theme, and your thesis will be a description of the common story your sources tell.You will briefly explain each source’s theme and content. You will explain how the sources fit together and what the common theme is. You will provide the historical context for the topic and how it affects the theme. A paper covering four sources should be 5-7 pages long.Movies, newsreels, songs, plays, poems, and operas will be considered textual, and transcriptions must be provided. Timestamps must be provided for video sources.
Statuary, architecture, paintings, and maps are all considered image sources. These sources must be cited as if they were texts.Texts in languages other than English are acceptable. However, you must also include a reputable translation of the document into English in addition to your bibliography.All sources consulted for the paper must be included in a bibliography page, whether or not they are cited in the document text.

Times New Roman or equivalent
12 point
double spaced

bibliography – a list of all works consulted in writing the document, Chicago style. The bibliography is not included in the estimated length

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Instructions Film Diary

Please use the Film Diary Discussion Forum to keep and post an annotated record of your film viewing this semester.

By the time this class ends, you probably will have screened at least twenty films and clips, and this diary should help you as a mnemonic device for remembering and comparing your viewing experiences; it also will enable me to see your cinematic activity, and your classmates to compare your entries with their own diary listings.

If you watch other films during the period of the course that are not assigned or suggested by me, please still feel free to list them here, even if they may not fall within the subject area[s] of this course. I will trust your judgment as to what choices you make regarding what entries you record. In other words, this is not, strictly speaking, a TV journal, so you don’t want to list sitcoms, newscasts, music videos, etc., but if there are dramas or documentaries or series that you see or follow, and that you think make sense to list here in terms of your critical viewing of them, then don’t hesitate to do so (especially as they relate to the interplay of visual culture and its mass media artifacts).

At the very least, for films record the title, director, year, and country of origin [most for this class will be U.S.], and then feel free to include whatever other info you want (actors, writers, cinematographer, etc.). Also write a brief description/impression/response (at least one or two substantive paragraphs, 100+ words minimum) of the film and your response to it. It would also be helpful to include a link to the film, such as to IMDB [International Movie Data Base], netflix, or, so that anyone who reviews your diary may connect directly to a synopsis and more information about the film in question.

You can use this Diary as “talking (or writing) notes” for class Discussions, and as a record of your viewing over the course of the semester (if you have already listed films in a similar manner in other Discussion Forums, simply copy and paste those notes in your diary if you’d like).

[If you watched a clip from a longer film, indicate that with “clip” or “excerpt” in brackets. While Porter’s GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY or any number of Méliès films (for examples) may be short, you still should consider them as “real movies” and take them as seriously as you do a “feature film” with a more conventional running time.]

In the Film Diary Discussion Forum Topic create a “Reply” with your name as the subject, and consistently post your film diary entries under this entry as you update the diary; feel free to comment within each other’s Film Diaries, but keep your films under your own name.

You should update your Film Diary at least once a week. Simply respond to yourself through your own Diary (which will be your name inside the Film Diary Forum/Topic); your first entry will be the first in your Diary. For each update, enter “Film Diary Update Week Two,” etc., in the subject line. (If you update more than once in the same week, then title the second entry for that week “Update Week Two #2,” etc.)

VERY IMPORTANT: at the very least your Film Diary should include the two (or more) feature films you have chosen to view from that week’s assigned list; over the course of the semester you will write Film Reports for two of the assigned films [see below]. Even if you are writing a Film Report on a particular title, it should also be listed in the Film Diary, as a record of which two assigned feature films you view each week; rather than writing in your Film Diary about the two films you will write Reports about, after you list the basic credits for the film in your Diary, simply type something like, “See FR1 for my response to this film.”

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Future products and service, assignment help


Answer the following questions using info from the attached document

COMPANY Jacob’s Full service retail catering company

Complete the “Future Products and Services” section with the following information:

  • Based on industry trends, what would you like to do in the future? What are your potential products and services?

Complete the “Social Responsibility” section with the following information:

  • What are your ideas to make your products, services, manufacturing process and other aspects of your business socially responsible?
  • What is your business doing right now in order to be socially responsible?


REVISE THE  ANSWERS TO THE BELOW QUESTIONS from the attached document.

COMPANY Jacob’s Full service retail catering company

Q1  Complete the “Technology” section with the following information:

  • How are you using technology in your company or business?
  • What types of technology are you utilizing or do you plan to utilize?
  • What are the costs associated with the current and future use of technology in your company or business?

Q2  Complete the “Intellectual Property” section with the following information, keeping in mind that it will only apply to the sale of products, not services:

  • What is your intellectual property?
  • What is your potential future intellectual property?
  • What are the implications of this on your company or business?

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compensation and benefits assignment M3


Assume you are leading a team of consultants hired by MPBS to help develop their total compensation plan.  MPBS wants to implement a compensation plan to support their business strategy. Your team has completed the preliminary review of the organization, including discussions with management, and compiled initial information about MPBS.  That information is detailed in the team report.

MPBS views their mission statement as the driver behind the alignment of policies, purposes and objectives of all operating units in the entire organization. Your first task is to help the human resources department create a compensation mission statement as the first step in designing their compensation plan.  You are to consider the various factors affecting mission statements and objectives and then:

  • Recommend a specific compensation mission statement and the specific objectives of the MPBS compensation system that aligns the compensation plan to the company’s mission and strategy.  Provide a rationale to support your mission statement and objectives.

Your second task is to overcome the past reluctance of top management at MPBS to have anyone put much effort into administrative detail.  They have generally opted for a quick and easy approach to policy and practice.  You should plan to educate the top management group regarding the need for more sophisticated and detailed approaches to compensation.  To do so, you must include answers to the following questions that were posed by the new HR manager.  Justify your responses using scholarly sources.

  • What are the relevant markets that each of MPBS’s major occupational groups should be compared to?
  • Should MPBS lead, match, or follow competitors? Why?
  • How will decisions on external competitiveness help MPBS align compensation policies with mission and strategy?
  • Why is it important and is it worth the effort and cost for MPBS to bother with specifying pay grades and pay ranges?
  • If pay grades are used, is it better to have few or more grades? 
  • How should the ranges vary by job type and level?
  • How much overlap should be built into the grade ranges?
  • In what ways might the plan MPBS develops and the related compensation policies impact job performance?

To complete this assignment, write a 5–7 page report in Word format and provide rationale and scholarly support.   Apply APA standards for writing style to your work.

By Wednesday, November 19, 2014, deliver your assignment to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Developed compensation mission statement and objectives that aligns the compensation plan to the company’s mission and strategy. 


Determined the relevant markets for each major occupational group. 


Rationalized whether MPBS should lead, match, or follow competitors and why. 


Examined how decisions on external competitiveness will help MPBS align compensation policies with mission and strategy. 


Explained why it is important and worth the effort and cost to specify pay grades and pay ranges. 


Determined whether it is better to have few or more pay grades. 


Assessed how the ranges should vary by job type and level. 


Explained how much overlap should be built into the grade ranges. 


Evaluated the ways in which the plan and related compensation policies might impact job performance. 


Written Components:
Organization (12)
Usage and mechanics (12)
APA elements (16) 
Style (4)




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Search Warrant law homework help

Once a warrant is issued, police can search only the place specified for the items specified in the warrant. However, sometimes a warrant is not legally necessary and evidence can be introduced because the search was reasonable under the circumstances.

While on a routine patrol, Officer Jones heard screaming from within a brick-walled backyard. The officer walked over to the wall and was able to see into the yard, without standing on his toes, where he witnessed two thirteen year old boys in a fistfight. Their clothes were ripped, their eyes were swollen, and their faces were bloody with scratches. Officer Jones ran to the unlocked gate and entered the backyard, where he broke up the fight and separated the boys.

Officer Jones noticed several baggies resting on a patio table, just outside the patio door a few yards away. The officer called for the boys’ parents, walking toward the patio’s screen door.

The officer could see a white, powdery substance in the baggies as he moved past the table toward the door. A woman exited the house and immediately began explaining the baggies on the table. Jones arrested the woman for drug possession. As he put the cuffs on her, Jones patted her down and found a gun. She was already in handcuffs and no longer a threat to him when he found the weapon.

Your assignment this week is to answer the following questions:

  • Officer Jones did not have a warrant at any time.
  • Is the drug evidence admissible?
  • What about the gun? Explain.

This individual work should include the following:

  • An in-depth submission free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • An essay containing a minimum of one page, typed and double-spaced.
  • You will be assessed on the rationale you use in addressing the question/issue posted, and how well you justify your argument regarding this issue.
  • Your response must be thought provoking, have well developed ideas and/or opinions, and should reference any supporting material from the text, lecture, or other sources you have used to complete the assignment.
  • You may use your text or the Internet as a reference, but remember to cite your sources.
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    2 page essay

    Using the attachment of a completed political spectrum test with its results, write a 2-page double spaced report explaining:

    1. What part of the different political spectrums you fell on.

    2. Based upon this, what party do you think you most closely associate with?

    3. Do you think the results are accurate? Why or why not?

    4. Why do you believe the way you do in one of these spectrums it tests on?

    To help you with this assignment, I’ve provided a description of the different spectrums it tests you on. Here are some links to get a good description of each:;…

    – Authoritarian v. libertarian – This tests you on the social scale. Authoritarian means you expect large government control in one’s social life. Libertarian means you expect a large amount of individual control in one’s social life.

    – Left v. Right – This tests you on the economic scale. Left means you expect a large amount of government control or regulation in economic affairs. Right means you expect a small amount of government control or regulation in economic affairs.

    * Keep in mind this will place you into different quadrants. Here is a description of the categories along with an example of who might fall in these quadrants.

    +Authoritarian left – State imposed communism/socialism.

    +Libertarian left – modern liberal (democrat).

    +Authoritarian right – modern conservative (republican)

    +Libertarian right – libertarian (small government, period).

    – Non-interventionist v. neo-conservative – This tests you on foreign policy. Non-interventionists are pacifists and anti-war activists. Neo-cons are those who want a strong military that intervenes around the world.


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    week 7 forum post responses

    In need of a 250 word response/discussion to each of the following forum posts. Agreement/disagreement/and/or continuing the discussion.

    Original forum discussion/topic post is as follows:

    In our society, it is relatively uncommon for people to use “straight talk” in their relationships. Why do you think this is so? What are the personal and societal obstacles to using “straight talk,” and how might they be overcome? For example, do you think children should be taught in school how to engage in effective communication and conflict resolutions? Would it be feasible for them to practice such techniques with teachers and other authority figures, as well as peers? Finally, are there circumstances in which you feel it would be unwise to engage in “straight talk”? If so, what are those circumstances?

    Forum post #1

    When using straight talk it is necessary to talk about your feelings which opens people up to a great deal of vulnerability. People, generally, do not like to express their feelings because they believe that they can then be a target for ridicule, teasing, laughter, and hurtful comments. Just as people feel uncomfortable expressing feelings, people also feel uncomfortable receiving that type of communication from others. People find it much easier and less threatening just to get mad, call others names, and make judgments about others, rather than getting down to the heart of the problem. People who express their feelings are often perceived by other people as weak. Strong people are considered those who tough out their feelings, and rather than being perceived as sensitive, they are thought of as being strong individuals.

    Grohol, 2016, highlighted a number of reasons that people can’t share their feelings. He mentions fear of rejection by a significant other as one reason. Some people also believe that sharing their feelings is a sign of being out of control and they wish to remain in control of their feelings and emotions. People often believe or think that others should know how they feel without them having to tell them. They believe that the reason for their feeling should be obvious without an explanation. An interesting reason for not sharing feelings is that it can be used as a passive-aggressive behavior tactic. If you have anger toward another person but refuse to explain why is, that is commonly called the “silent treatment”.

    I think that teaching effective ways to communicate or teaching conflict resolution to school age children can be risky. I would only consider that as an option if all the parents were on board, and had been instructed themselves in the concept. If parents are not familiar with straight talk, or do not use it in their own lives and at home, a young child coming home and attempting to put to practice what he is learning in school might very well create some home tensions between parent and child. Many parents maintain very strict control of their children at home, and without information about the concept they may feel as though their authority is threatened. Adults can most definitely be taught this skill, and many businesses today are holding classes and seminars to their employee on conflict resolution. It is very applicable in those settings. Within the family and marriage setting, both parents and marriage partners should be taught in order for this to become an effective communication method. A common stereotype is that men do not like or want to share feelings, and although this is a bit of gender stereotyping, there is some truth to that. However, there also a lot of women who also feel uncomforable with sharing feelings. I believe that caution should be exercised when introducing this training within a close environment unless everyone is on board. In a work setting, management can make that decision as to whether it is beneficial and should be conducted.

    Forum post #2

    We all know the expression, “give it to me straight”, however, why do we rarely ever receive it? Straight talk, although an extremely effective form of communication that enables the recipient to listen nondefensively, is rarely used in today’s society (Aronson, 2011). This can be attributed to a variety of reasons; our fear of revealing vulnerabilities, our fear of appearing overly sensitive, or even our fear of judgment or confrontation (“What do you mean you didn’t like….” Or “Why would you not help me out?”) (Aronson, 2011). One of the largest factors of not speaking straight is our fear of disapproval or rejection, that once we speak our minds, we will be mocked or not taken seriously. Our desire to fit in and belong may also be holding us back from speaking our minds honestly in case our opinions or beliefs differ from the masses. Between partners, it could be a sense of vulnerability and the fear of being viewed as “needy”. To overcome our fear of straight talk, I believe that education from a young age about conflict resolution and effective communication can help. For adults, practicing and improving self-esteem may assist. I believe that there may be a correlation to self-esteem and speaking one’s mind.

    Teaching our children to be more honest and open communicators, both in and out of school, could be taught at a young age, within limitations and to know where to be polite (a child should have limits, such as not screaming in a temper tantrum). During a conflict, if a child is feeling anger at another child, while the child should be instructed to not resort to name calling or fighting, but that the child can express how they feel. Practicing between peers and adults would be effective, as these are skills that are necessary, since when the child grows up, standing up for one’s self becomes increasingly difficult (asking for a raise, or saying “No” to an overburdened favor).

    There are times when straight talk may not be appropriate, particularly around children and during sensitive situations. Despite the hope that our children will grow up to be honest and open adults, there are times when we need to protect them, and in order to protect them we need to be less than honest or not give the entire story of a situation. At the time of a traumatizing event, protecting the children from the whole truth may be necessary in order to not risk permanently scarring a developing brain. In a place of anger, it could be best to hide your feelings from others in the immediate time frame, in order to maintain control and to step away from the situation prior to a larger confrontation. It is also wise to not want to embarrass or hurt others malevolently, and straight talk might be the best approach when you notice a coworker has their fly open during a presentation.

    Forum post #3

    I am reminded of a quote from Nietzsche that I think relates well to the concept of “Straight-Talk” which is “How much truth can a spirit bear, how much truth can a spirit dare? … that became for me more and more the real measure of value.” I believe that in a lot of ways our perception of others is defined by how honest we wish for them to be with us.

    It was interesting this week to examine the extent to which we as a society have double standards when it comes to attractive individuals. When an attractive person says something negative it is not as hurtful, and when they praise us that praise means more to our self-image. While it is possible that we can make ourselves more attractive to others through competence and by convincing others to do us favors (Aronson, 2012). These favors work because cognitive dissonance will tell that person that they would only do you a favor if they liked you; this trick appears to work even if that person disliked you previous to the favor. While competence is important, one should not appear too skilled, because a certain small amount of humility helps as well.

    While doing things to become more attractive can be helpful obviously this does not change the fact that some genetic advantages like facial symmetry make some more “attractive” than others (Aronson, 2012). The media certainly plays a major role in perpetuating the importance of physical beauty, but it would be unfair to place this blame solely on popular culture since even babies prefer the more attractive among us (Aronson, 2012).

    I believe that in theory everyone wishes for honesty. However, there is a way to be honest with others that still allows these individuals to keep their dignity and self-esteem intact. Nowadays, there are many that lack this ability and use the euphemism that they are simply “too real” for everyone else when in reality they are fully aware that their lack of tact is designed to harm the feelings of others. There are those that do this intentionally because they pride themselves on being a provocateur, and enjoy the animosity they insight in those around them. There are also those that are simply unaware that the things they say are hurtful, but with the exception of behavioral disorders like Autism, there is little excuse for not developing a better sense of social intelligence since almost all of out daily social interactions require that we maintain a sense of politeness and respect for the feelings of others. In fact one of the things that makes another the most attractive appears to be how much that person reminds us of ourselves; the opposite is also true, if we like someone, we assume that person must be very similar to us (Aronson, 2012). This is especially profound against those that are insecure, or have a weak sense of self. An insecure individual thrives on the praise, attention, and criticism of others.

    Although “straight-talk” is desirable to all communication, it is likely that we only truly want honesty in the context of an intimate relationship. In fact, to achieve what many consider true love or “consummate” love requires complete honesty between partners to achieve passion, intimacy, and commitment (Aronson, 2012). True acceptance and understanding from a partner requires this kind of love.

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    Project Builder 4

    Research Plans: Project Builder

    Begin by reviewing the research questions you drafted in Project 1 as well as the information, texts, issues, and questions you have encountered in texts from the discourse community since completing Project 1. Draft or revise several potential research questions that you will pursue for your research project this semester (at least three) and write a list of research plans for each (set of) questions. What texts have you read related to this topic so far? What databases or other library sources will you use to begin researching these questions? What is your timeline for looking into these questions for Project 3?

    Keep in mind, you will ultimately select one (set of) question(s) to focus on for your research project, and I will give you feedback on what seems to be a productive route. But for now, think about these several possibilities and imagine what you might do to pursue these questions.

    This should be at least 150 words long.

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